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Hannah’s Pies was established back in 1997 when the need for high quality pastry products arose from iconic fast food chain Harry’s Café de Wheels.

Hannah meticulously began sourcing the best quality Australian ingredients, establishing systemised processes and implementing strict quality standards, to meet Harry’s Café de Wheels high expectations.

30 years later, and Hannah’s Pies has earned its place as the sole supplier of pastry products to Harry’s Café de Wheels. As well as becoming a trusted supplier for a growing list of over 100
loyal customers within the hospitality industry.


If you've been to Harry's Café de Wheels within the past 30 years, then you're already familiar with our pies. With over 11 flavours to choose from in regular sizes (190g), as well as mini sizes (90g), you're sure to find the right pies for your business.


Sharing the spotlight with our pies, we have our award-winning pastries: lean chunky beef Pasties, delicate Feta & Spinach Rolls and scrumptious Sausage Rolls (Bronze Medalist at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show & Official Great Aussie Pie Competition).

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Whether you're looking for a new supplier of baked goods, or simply want to order larger quantities for your event, we got you covered.

Thanks for your enquiry, we'll get back to you soon!

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